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Transport between Earth and the solar colonies is tightly regulated, but the exile knows a shortcut: the top-secret transvection machine, an experimental device that could theoretically be used to teleport men from planet to planet. Vander Defoe, the tool's creator, is busy securing it when he feels a pain in his stomach: His appendix is about to explode. Defoe dies in the operating room during routine computerized surgery, and the case falls in the lap of the Computer Investigation Bureau, which has jurisdiction over all computer-related crimes.

As the team tries to determine who corrupted the system that killed Defoe, it finds that in this case, all roads lead to Venus. Ever since his first story was published in , Edward D. Hoch has been the dominant force in the fairplay detective story. Like his predecessors of the Golden Age between the Wars, Ed Hoch challenges the reader to read all the clues correctly and come to the correct conclusion before the sleuth. But he does much more than that: his sleuths are cut out of various cloths — some are professional thieves, some investigate bizarre events, others are espionage agents, others specialize in locked rooms, and still others — like the Gypsy Michael Vlado — add a touch of exotic lore to their investigations.

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Long awaited by Hoch's fans, The Iron Angel is the first collection of Vlado's adventures, and it includes such cases as "The Gypsy's Paw" in which the classic horror tale "The Monkey's Paw" seems repeated , "The Puzzle Garden" in which murder is involved in a garden named after the apostles , "The Gypsy Wizard" in which a wizard may, or may not, be able to fly , and other ingenious stories. The cover painting is by Carol Heyer, one of the finest of the mystery and science fiction artists. LImited edition of clothbound copies in dust jacket each of which has a separately printed pamphlet entitled Assignment: Enigma.

Sam Hawthorne, a New England country doctor in the first half of the twentieth century, was constantly faced by murders in locked rooms, impossible disappearances, and other so-called miracle crimes. More Things Impossible contains fifteen of Dr. Sam s extraordinary cases solved between and , including impossible murder in a house that whispers; poisoning by a gargoyle on the courthouse roof; the case of the Devil in the windmill; the houseboat that resembles the Mary Celeste; the affair of the vanishing Gypsies; stabbing in the locked cockpit of a plane in midair; a ghostly pirate in a lighthouse; ad eight other ingenious riddles.

The Mysterious Book NO ONE Can Read: Ancient Voynich Manuscript

Edward D. Hoch is a legend of ingenuity in the world of mystery writing. Author of more than short stories, winner of the Edgar Award, former President of the Mystery Writers of America, and contributor to every issue of Ellery Queen s Mystery Magazine since , Hoch is one of the great mystery writers of our time. As John Dickson Carr remarked, Satan himself would be proud of his ingenuity.

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Hoch s publisher. Nick Velvet is the choosey crook, who steals only the seeminglyvalueless — for a hefty fee of course. In The Velvet Touch, Nick steals a bald man's comb, a faded flag, an overdue library book, an ordinary playing card, a menu -- and 9 other items While engaged in pilfering, Nick finds that he often has to become a detective, sometimes in order to save Sandra Paris, the White Queen, who is also a thief -- a mistress of bizarre crimes, who does "Impossible Things Before Breakfast.

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Edited By Leslie Charteris. Three Books In One. I hope that Mays nightmare about her parents tragedy can pass. Sam Hawthorne said. It makes me sad. During the second Christmas, she wrote to me that she was doing well and had met a good guy. Her Dusenberg was too broken by car crashes to be repaired. Rex fixed my Mercedes. I was one nurse short. Later I found one, June, and she helped me solve one mysterious case that even I was puzzled.

Although he wrote several novels, he was primarily known for his vast short story output which, at the time of his death, was over Hoch was born in Rochester, New York and began writing in the s; his first story appeared in in Famous Detective Stories and was followed by stories in The Saint Mystery Magazine. In December he kicked off his most successful collaboration, with the appearance of his first story in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine; in the years since EQMM has published over of Hoch's stories, roughly half of his total output.

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In May EQMM began publishing a new Hoch story in every monthly issue; as of May the author had gone an astonishing 34 years without missing a single issue. Hoch was a master of the classic detective story, emphasizing mystery and deduction rather than suspense and fast action; EQMM has called him "The King of the Classical Whodunit. He was particularly partial to "impossible crime" tales, where to all appearances the crime usually a murder could not have been committed at all; he invented numerous variants on the locked room mystery popularized by John Dickson Carr and others.

Ross Craigthorn was successful, handsome and popular. And he was possessed of a terrible secret.

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  6. While accepting and award at the Mystery Writers' Dinner, a bullet from nowhere struck him down. Who needed to silence Ross Craigthorn and what were they silencing him about? Hoch combines ingenious plotting with a strong sense of time and place. The book begins with seven rare stories about Ben Snow published more than thirty years ago in The Saint Mystery Magazine and continues with seven more recent tales. Ben solves such mysteries as— The steamboat that vanishes as it leaves Vicksburg, Mississippi; The stallion that can be seen only by the victim; Crime in a Sacramento waxworks; The patent medicine man who claims to be able to stop time itself; Serial killings in old New Orleans; A mysterious death near a temple in Yucatan; and The killing of The Flying Man.

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