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The initial M3 was bolted together, but it was followed by the cast hull M3A1, the welded M3A2, the welded and diesel-powered M3A3, and the M3A4 equipped with the Chrysler multibank engine. After the tank fell out of favor, it was modified to become the M31 tank recovery vehicle.

click here Its chassis was put to further use as the platform for the M7 Priest mm self-propelled gun. Tamiya produced the M3 Lee and Grant early in their catalogue, circa These tanks were plagued with problems such as poorly designed tracks and misshapen turrets. Produced by Academy, it was an improvement over the Tamiya kit, but the oversized suspension bogeys were a sorry disappointment.

The company did come out with properly scaled bogeys for the M7 Priest and M3 Grant, and offered replacements for the oversized parts. The photos below show the similarities found on the M3 Lee and Grant, essentially everything below the turret.

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This nicely preserved specimen gives a good overall impression of this early tank. They continued to serve in North Africa until the end of that campaign during which time the M3 was generally appreciated for its mechanical reliability, good armour and heavy firepower.

Miniart 1/35 M3 Lee Early (35206) Review

General Ulysses S. Overall, its armour and firepower were the equal or superior to most of the threats it faced.

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Long-range, high velocity guns were not yet common on German tanks on the battlefield of However, rapid pace of tank developmen and its riveted armour meant that the M3 was very quickly outclassed. Both the M3 Lee and M3 Grant are both now available in the Warlord webstore, and are the ideal medium tank to support your American, Soviet or your British forces across many theatres.

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