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Abelian variety Algebraic group of transformations Algebraic variety, automorphism of an Borel fixed-point theorem Classical group Deformation Flag structure Flag Formal group Group scheme Homogeneous space of an algebraic group Homogeneous space Hopf algebra Lie theorem Matsushima criterion Moduli theory Mumford hypothesis Orbit Quantum groups Satake compactification Schubert calculus Schubert cell Schubert cycle Schubert variety Tits building Transformation group.

Comitant Invariants, theory of.

Levi-Mal'tsev decomposition Lie algebra of an algebraic group Lie algebra, algebraic Lie algebra, reductive Lie algebra, semi-simple Lie algebra, solvable Lie algebra, supersolvable Lie algebra Lie p-algebra. Adjoint representation of a Lie group Complementary series of representations Contragredient representation Deligne-Lusztig characters Representation of a compact group 2 Representation of a group Weyl module.

Adjoint group Algebraic group Algebraic torus Anisotropic group Anisotropic kernel Borel subgroup Bruhat decomposition Cartan subalgebra Cartan subgroup Cartan theorem Chevalley group Connected component of the identity Diagonal group Diagonalizable algebraic group Form of an algebraic structure Form of an algebraic group Iwasawa decomposition Jordan decomposition Jordan matrix Kneser-Tits hypothesis Maximal torus Parabolic subalgebra Parabolic subgroup Quasi-split group Radical of a group Rank of a Lie group Rank of an algebraic group Rank Reductive group Regular torus Relative root system Semi-simple algebraic group Semi-simple element Simply-connected group Split group Tits system Torus Unipotent element Unipotent group Weyl group.

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Congruence Subgroups and Generalized Frobenius-Schur Indicators

Views View View source History. Algebra Number Theory 9 , no. Abstract Article info and citation First page References Abstract The congruence subgroup property is established for the modular representations associated to any modular tensor category.

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