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Victory conditions

Jesse Hughes. When going to level 10, it has to be through battle.

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That rule was officially changed a long time ago. It makes sense on paper; you want people to earn that final level. In every game I've played, no one prevents leveling up until someone's in a battle at level 9.

Why was the win condition rule changed? | Munchkin | BoardGameGeek

It's stupid. At that point, everyone should just start at level 9. Everyone saves their good cards until they really need to use them. Why not? If someone's at level 3, and you're at 6, are you going to waste your good cards early? And this means people get helped out during battles unopposed when you could technically be taking down two for one. I've been thinking, to make Munchkin fast and fun again, that rule should be removed. You can get to level 10 any way you want.

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Taking the first baron does not improve your chances of winning beyond a coin flip. Let that sink in, and then think twice before you on-the-way ping baron at 25 minutes.

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I have been watching this stat for some time now, and I thought it sounded high. The reward for first blood was increased in preseason 5, so this number would go up. Getting first blood is significantly more correlated with winning than getting the first baron. Be careful out there.

With the relatively reduced benefits of taking towers, it is interesting to see that this number is still higher than that of first blood. I think that players tend to overvalue kills, and undervalue map pressure.

Don't Play Your Win Condition.. Sometimes You Play Your Opponent's Lose Condition.

It is also a bit surprising to see this number so high given that so many teams stall out after getting three towers. It would be interesting to measure, for instance, what fraction of the time a team takes the first tower, but then goes on to take fewer towers than their opponent.

Now, that number is pretty high. Strategic emphasis must be put on taking the first dragon. This number is even higher, of course. However, this still means that one in five games are won after being first to lose an inhibitor. One in five is gigantic. One in five is still bigger than the win loss delta of essentially every single player in the long run. All right. There are some quick thoughts on win conditions.

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I hope you find them helpful. I know there were a couple of surprises there that will affect how I think about the game. In writing this I thought of a few derivative and delta statistics that could be taken here that might be informative as well. Ideas for future articles abound.

This first approximation will have to do for now. Take care, and let me know what you think.

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Hold your breath and pound F5 until I return with more league nuggets and math nuggets here at LeagueMath. I'm compiling observations and statistics from both the game's rules and the zillions of PvP matches played everyday. With luck, we'll all learn something that will help us play better, have more fun, and win more games.

I'm Harold. A mathematician , programmer , musician , and lover. League of Legends is easily the best video game ever, and I enjoy analyzing it and sharing what I find. How to win at League of Legends Patch 4. Here are plots of team-wide total gold earned.

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These next plots are similar, they are for spent gold. Moving on to a more contentious topic, these plots are for wards placed. Here are the plots for tower kills. Comparable to towers in importance are dragons. Here are the plots. The message here is pretty clear. Don't get shut out on dragons. Finally, here are the plots for Baron Nashor. I want to share a few more stats before we get back to playing. First baron winners: First blood winners: First tower winners: First dragon winners: First inhibitor winners: Never give up before you have actually lost!

No histogram alignment parameters were harmed in the making of this article.