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It has long been acknowledged that the study of war and warfare demands careful consideration of technology, institutions, social organization, and more. But, for some, the so-called "war and society" approach increasingly included everything but explained nothing, because it all too often seemed to ignore the events on the battlefield itself. The military historians in Warfare and Culture in World History return us to the battlefield, but they do so through a deep examination of the role of culture in shaping military institutions and military choices.

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Collected here are some of the most provocative recent efforts to analyze warfare through a cultural lens, drawing on and aggressively expanding traditional scholarship on war and society through sophisticated cultural analysis. With chapters ranging from an organizational analysis of American Civil War field armies to the soldiers' culture of late Republican Rome and debates within Ming Chinese officialdom over extermination versus pacification, this one volume provides a full range of case studies of how culture, whether societal, strategic, organizational, or military, could shape not only military institutions but also actual battlefield choices.


Wayne E. Warfare and Culture in World History.

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  • The question tions of four determinant factors: the concept of restraint as a defil- then becomes, did the expansion capacity, control, calculation, and ing feature of war. These points of state power and the growth of culture.

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    These categories modulated are highlighted in chapter seven armies seen during the end of the organized violence between the 16th along with a particularly interest- ancien regime serve as clear mark- and 18th centuries and informed ing discussion of Grotius, Vattel, ers on the road to versions oftotal combatants' perception of enemies and others on the codification of war seen between l9l4 and ? Another the Napoleonic Wars that marked the b arb arians.

    Convincingly supported poignant development was the beginning ofa terrible evolution that by meticulous research, this "us or bureaucratic capacity, or failure, to climaxed at Hiroshima? These dynamic interrela- calculation, and culture intersected the various new ways that violence tionships are nuanced and explain during the American Civil War and was expressed in this period, from why some conflicts of the era were why it remains such a confound- the massive naval effort of the so brutal while others of the same ing conflict. Lee's conclusion also British Empire to the locally focused period remained mild in contrast.

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